Discover floating homes in Solcraft technology.

Zephyr - a completely new concept of home.

House on water or on land? Zephyr, is the first house you launch or place on the plot and vice versa. It is also a house that you will take with you – wherever you want to live. All you need is a car, a crane and a new place. You can have it for life.


Energy efficiency thanks to solar power from the roof used to heat up the utility water as well as extraordinary isolation of walls, roofs and floors made in Solcraft technology.


The design allows multiple transfers using only a crane without the necessity of emptying the building.


Modularity allowing “connecting” the house’s frame to the pontoon on water or to the supporting posts on land.

Regular house seems boring to you? Maybe you do not want to be limited to one location? Or maybe you just love water, forest, mountains? Whatever the reason, you are here because you are looking for something exceptional.

Zephyr – (Latin breeze) is a light sea wind that gives a feeling of pleasant freshness. Our houses on Zephyr water achieve “pleasant freshness” through solidity, functionality and energy efficiency.

For their construction we use the highest quality ecological building systems by Solcraft. Thanks to them our houses are light, durable and – what is very important – environmentally friendly. Thanks to special Thexpan roof panels, the house is able to recover heat from air and sun. To heat or cool it, you need a minimum amount of energy thanks to H-Block.

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If necessary, we employ talented and trusted interior designers who will do everything in their power to make each of our clients feel special in their own home. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the Zephyr range of products on the water or land.

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